Participant Results – Ergebnisse der Teilnehmer

Vielen Dank für Ihre Rückmeldung – Thank you for your feedback

Oktober 2013 – Dagmar Schneider-Damm M.A. – Naturheilpraxis – Heilpraktikerin

“Be realistic, expect miracles.” With this quotation in the spirit of Ben Gurion I would like to summarize my experiences with the TP1 seminar in Thailand.

In October 2012 I have visited this seminar. and since then I have daily applied this knowledge for myself and my patients. The results are tremendous.

In my surgery I had excellent results especially with patients suffering from pain, harrassment, and traumatic experiences, as well as patients with severe skin problems. The gift of healing was also received by several patients who have been considered to be incurable or in a terminal state.

My own eyesight has improved by 1 dioptre. After an accident – I fell out of a swing – I suffered from a severe compression of the spine. Thanks to the application of TP1 knowledge, I could go back to work in my practice the next day.

I also experienced best results concerning my relationships, financial affairs, new projects and opportunities.

On account of the wonderful experiences and results of TP1, I have attended TP2 in October 2013. Now I look forward to new doors opening.

October 2013 – Rebecca, Cologne

I’m back already for a week now, and it feels like the collective conciousness has taken all my energy from me … and while writing this, I’ve just got the solution HOW to get back that energy 🙂 (First day of the seminar, very first control)

I just wanted to say thank you once again for your brilliant work, the love you give and – simply the way you are!

All the best and love from Cologne, Rebecca

Although I had a rough time after my TP1 and started doubting if all of my goals would come true, time taught me a lesson that doubting was clearly a waste of time:

Six months later I finally started playing Ukulele which gave me such a positive awarness of life – and still does everytime I play. Straight away I found my current job in which I gain all the practical experience I wanted, and my skin problems have never been better. Especially stepping out of foreign events has become my “constant companion” and has relieved me immediately (!) from several worries.

Above all else the love for myself was the most important topic for me – and I have never seen such beauty in the mirror before …

I’ll surely keep working because – “be realistic: Plan for a miracle”

October 2013 – W.K.

With a lot of momentum and full of élan I returned home after the seminar “TP1”.

Because of strong professional and personal stress, , I unfortunately invested too little time in the initial phase to integrate into daily life what I learned in the seminar.

Over the past few months I have taken more time for daily exercises and concentration for controls and have achieved good successes (achieved greater serenity and solved various minor health problems).

Encouraged by this success, I decided, to attend “TP2” in October 2013, where I got to know new “tools” and could also make a valuable exchange of experiences with the seminar leaders and the participants.

W.K., Oktober 2013

October 2013 – Corinna

The time of the TP1 seminar lies far back, so only the main events.

I have labeled the underwear of my daughter with the sentence: “I am learning without entering into foreign events”; “E = VS”; and the number codes for Dissolve Caries. My daughter, since she was three years old, has caries in many teeth. Our dental visit in Germany this year was very positive. There was only a small hole in the back teeth, otherwise her teeth were caries free.

My body has rejuvenated and I look like before the birth of my children.

Before and after my surgery, the controls were incredibly good for my mental state. Two days after my surgery three controls have led to the situation that I have again seen myself clear and discharged home the next day. Stepping out of foreign events has extremely simplified for me to perceive myself and to live my life much more carefree.

I was a little stressed before my return flight as the formalities were long lasting. I expanded time, which caused my flight to be delayed, and in the departure hall, (a windchill of ages), I finally found a clock indicating the exact time of my departure.

Once home, I found straight away that everything that I had wished for a long time was fulfilled, (with and without making controls); I expected a colleague from Germany with whom I should drive for four days to various projects. This date lay heavy in my stomach before my departure. The colleague was ill and could not come. Additionally, my husband and my little daughter became sick. This allowed us to spend a very nice quiet time together, undisturbed by the outside world; just wonderful.

Today I was told by the person I desired that she will take over my voluntary service in the next year, so I’m free to finally do what I want to do. I also wanted to find a person who takes care of our cat during our time in Goa – for that I have made a control and just that person appeared an hour ago. That was it.