….of the Thailand Project:

In a detached atmosphere high thoughts are manifested.

Immersed in a beautiful, evergreen nature, pampered by the incomparable amenities of this idyllic region, is offered to you …

The Creator Knowledge

It is the Knowledge of Creation itself, studied in Russia officially since 1992, now prepared and presented to us.

It is a guide for the regeneration of mankind on the physical level. The harmonization of the surrounding life is the fascinating result. The detailed guidance, practical application and implementation with the completely new approach to THE source of energy that is now available to ALL, enables the participants to effectively integrate this knowledge into their daily lives.

Never before has there been such precise information about the structure of the soul, spirit and consciousness, their function, and their potential to change external and inner reality.

Freed from your habitual everyday life, pampered, as in a fulfilling vacation, this is the ideal foundation to permanently integrate this knowledge into your life.

This exciting seminar content is conveyed in a completely relaxing seminar process. Learning by playing rather than hard theory. At the beginning of each workshop, the method used is explained in detail under supervision. Then we form small groups that practice at various beautiful places. Each participant has the possibility to take a massage of their choice. Since everything is geared to an expanded awareness, the optimal relaxing platform is provided. This way the participants activate both halves of their brain. The intellectual mind comes somewhat to rest. The intuition is awakened. Old thought ballast can drop away.

And everything takes place in the margins of the jungle of this world, in the middle of a national park, in the beautiful, sheltered mountains of northern Thailand, in Chiang Mai. Pure nature!

This place of power with its extraordinary energy is also the spiritual center of Thailand. This is a very good place to initiate the application of the Creator Knowledge.

“The Land of Smiles” describes the distinctive friendliness of the people living here. Their big heart touches the soul. Their readiness to serve deserves special respect. By Western standards, the low cost level allows many components of the Thailand project, which will benefit the aim of the seminar and each participant in a unique way.

With 7-DAY seminars in different languages and a few extra days on very favourable terms, we want to connect the world in this place.

Seminars are presented in English and German languages.