“The true path of development is where there is no destruction. Misfortune, sadness and nostalgia are not world knowledge. Only joy, light and love can be seen as the way to knowledge of the world.”

So says Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi, and for individual harmonious development and to save all humans in our world, the Thailand Project has walked exactly this way since inception in the summer of 2009.

I have taken on the findings of the Russian scientist, Prof. G. P. Grabovoi in pure and unmixed form. For this, I received a personal letter of thanks from Grigori Petrovich. We are very grateful for his personal support!

We, Carola Sarrasin and my dear, great Thai team, offer seminars for your spiritual development path, your high consciousness, the restoration of your own health, rejuvenation, harmonisation of your entire life environment and thus the harmonious development of the whole world – because we are all connected to everything. We do not advertise for ourselves, the Russian consciousness researchers also not for themselves, so we can give you the information on our seminars only at this place. You are welcome at any time! Please choose your seminar from our offers here

The Harmonisation and Rescue of this world.

This phrase “Rescue and Harmonious Development” for each individual and for the planet, comes from the academic Grigory Petrovich Grabovoi, who because of his special extrasensory abilities, explored the creator knowledge for every human to easily use, implement, and process. Even the Russian government under Mikael Gorbachev benefited from his outstanding abilities.

The human civilisation today is at a junction, a crossroad, and as many humans as possible must be rescued in order to harmonize this world, because over the time it has evolved, it has accumulated too much weapons potential, disease, poverty, suffering and death. Thus, the creation of everything that is the NORM, is forgotten. However there is a universal law of the Creator: “The Freedom Of Choice”. We have the full freedom of choice and it begins with our thoughts…

Harmony of Creation – The School of Eternal Life – is the activity and aim of Thailand Project.

This Creator knowledge is not based on religion. It describes the structure of worlds, of our body, the function of spirit, soul, and how we respond to the high frequency soul level – the “Creator Level” – through the expansion of our consciousness with the help of spirit, to finally (again) be AWARE for ourselves that we are Creator. This knowledge enables mankind’s long-awaited independence and freedom, the individual and harmonious development in eternal love, happiness, wealth, health and peace.

Igor V. Arepjev and Arkady N. Petrov established institutions, such as “ARIGOR”, “Noosfera” and “Sigor” where they successfully regrew organs and investigated teeth. Valentina Batischeva, Nadezhda Koroleva and her husband Vadim, direct students of Grabovoi and scientists of this knowledge in their own right, have given us many other functional methods, for which we are deeply grateful.

The aim of the THAILAND PROJECT is to present this knowledge in an easy to understand way, so that you may respectfully and responsibly integrate it into your own life, to become independent and self-standing.
Your contribution enables (at the moment) 20 Thai extended families to gain a little independence in their lives.

7-DAY-PRACTICE-SEMINARS in English and German, created according to an extraordinary concept, may contribute to the wonderful Creator Knowledge, through practical application and sustained implementation, to be re-installed on the planet.

For content, seminar design, concept and other information about your possible participation, please refer to the respective sections.

Carola Sarrasin, May 2015