English! TP3, 03-09 September 2020

September 3, 2020 – September 9, 2020 all-day
67 Moo7
Hang Dong, Chiang Mai 50230
THB 60000
Marion O Mace
+61 499 108 242
English! TP3, 03-09 September 2020 @ Thailand-Projekt

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N E W: TP3  September 03-09, 2020 – 7-Day-Pratical-Seminar

Everyone for whom the name Grigori Grabovoi is no longer a blank page and who aspires to eternal life in the physical body is welcome to participate.

After the Grabovoi introductory seminar “TP1”, to which each participant comes with his or her own concerns, and the follow-up seminar “TP2”, in which the objectives are set – from purification of the DNA to resurrection – the new “TP3” continues into the depths of teaching and into the heights of our spiritual development. In order to master the current demands privately, locally as well as globally, it requires the raising of our cell frequency by means of our consciousness. Our cells should specifically learn to absorb more and more light in order to make the body indestructible. The most sensible of all decisions, to want to live forever, wants to be put into action in this practical seminar. More information at [email protected]
Marion O Mace, Carola Sarrasin and the entire TP team is looking forward to seeing you!

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