TP2 description

The 7 Day TP2 Practice Seminar

Harmony of Creation – The School of Eternal Life

The Knowledge for the Rescue and Harmonious Development of this civilisation, the expansion of human consciousness at the highest frequency level – at Creator level.

What this TP2 seminar covers:

  • Creator / Soul / Spirit / Consciousness / Body / Analytical Mind / Perception
  • Unification of the two brain halves
  • Opening of the memory
  • Opening of the heart
  • Construction point / Entrance of the Love of the Creator
  • Activation of Eternal Life
  • The Human’s Light Body
  • Cleaning of my Point of Archiving
  • Point of Compressed Information
  • Cleaning of family trees / DNA / Eternal Life
  • Activation of the 13 DNA strands
  • Cleaning of Thoughts
  • Connection Channels / Sources & Outflows
  • Transition Matrix / Thinking
  • Norming of upcoming and past events
  • Temple of the Creator
  • Cleaning of my Life Space
  • Preparation for the Concentration / Structure of the Earth
  • Resurrection: General Resurrection, resurrection of individuals
  • Materialisation / Dematerialisation
  • Optimising of my business / project
  • Stopping time / Control of time & space
  • Teleportation
  • Collective Consciousness / Centring in the Coordinate System
  • The Transition Portal
  • Neutralisation of artificial viruses, unnatural substances
  • Question / Answer
  • Healing from any disease
  • Tumour diseases / Reduction
  • Structuring of the information in our stomachs
  • Organ cleansing
  • Transcellular fluid
  • Stomach / Spleen / Heart
  • Thyroid gland
  • Bones & Organs
  • Self construction points
  • Strengthening of my talents / strengthen own Creator potential
  • Colours
  • Processing knowledge overnight
  • Protection controls & best protection
  • Point of Creation of Reality
  • Control of reality with shapes and motion (Dynamic)
  • Communication with animals, plants & trees
  • Cleaning water / seas and oceans
  • Pyramid of the soul

… and more

The above list is an excerpt from the seminar content which is complemented with updated results and application methods with ongoing translation work.

Seminar Structure:

Each day consists of workshops in which each method will be applied in practice and under guidance. The explanation of each method is contained within the method.

This seminar demands your high consciousness and your willingness to proceed without questioning the methods. All work is experience based. The methods presented are self explanatory, clear, and simple to apply. Your focused concentration is required. Questions can come afterwards – you will find that most have been answered during the practice.

If you have not yet experienced this knowledge, we recommend that you first participate in a TP1 seminar. It gives you the foundation. TP2 builds on it.

Each day includes three workshops; participants are encouraged to individually implement the practice of the various methods in beautiful natural surroundings. The workshops are divided by lunch and coffee/tea, where all the participants join together again. It’s not only about the physical recovery of the body, but in particular to harmonize the interaction between mankind and his environment. We develop individual energetic and extrasensory abilities by accessing and using this information via key words and soul resonance.

For more information about the seminar content, construction or the approach please direct your questions (in English) here