Thailand TP1en January 17-23 Information

Thank you for your reservation of this special 7 day practice seminar from 17-23 January 2019. We look forward to your arrival!

The entire description of this outstanding seminar, you’ll find in ‘Events’ => English Events

The destination airport is  Chiang Mai Int’l (CNX) .

Thailand is visa free for 30 days.

But please pay attention to the validity of your passport (min. 6 months from entry).

Cheap travel providers are currently:

Sometimes it pays to book only to Bangkok (BKK), and separate connecting flight to Chiang Mai separately.

The second Bangkok airport ‘Don Mueang’ (DMK):

Here a good 60 minute transfer from Suvarnabhumi (BKK) must be factored in. Hourly a free shuttle from Level 2 at Exit 3 (2nd floor, exit 3). Therefore you need about 3 hours between arrival @ BKK and departure @ DMK. The additional ‘free city tour’ pays sometimes by the cheaper fare. Warning: With some airlines extra luggage weight must be booked …

Further information:
After booking the flight I need your complete itinerary with all flight numbers and times, to order airport pickup and hotel reservation for you.

Latest arrival in Chiang Mai is the day before the training, because it starts at 9:00 am. We invite you the previous evening at 18.30 to join a welcome dinner. Due to climate change and difference in time, however, we recommend give yourself at least a day more for acclimatisation!

We reserve a nice room for you. 7 nights are included in the contribution, any additional vacation costs 1,400 baht per night, including breakfast. Thailand Project has organised special rates for the participants, which is why we offer the entire stay as a “package”.

We offer free WIFI. So please feel free to bring your own laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Your deposit will be fully credited against the total contribution.

Please bring this remaining contribution in cash in your currency – also for possible additional days before and / or after – and change into Baht only upon arrival in Chiang Mai, because here the exchange rate is more favourable than outside Thailand – even better than in Bangkok. Here in the National Park there is no bank, also no ATM cash withdrawal. Cash is survival here. The remaining contribution is to be paid on arrival day.
If you could not make a deposit you may pay the entire contribution here.

In your baggage, you need only light summer clothes and bathing suit / bikini, flip flops.

When all is ready, the following information may help to facilitate the travel arrangements:

For travel:

  • Be careful with the validity of your passport (min. 6 months from entry)
  • Vaccinations are neither required nor necessary
  • Preferably bring something less than more! This makes it easier to pack! Temperatures range around 28° C and at night around 18° C.
  • A long (thin) trousers for the evening hours (rather than mosquito protection) would be advisable, otherwise there is no dress code.
  • Towels, also for the pool, do not need to be dragged along.
  • A hair dryer is located in each room, also shampoo, shower gel & conditioner.
  • The voltage in Thailand is 220 volts.
  • Adapter is usually not necessary.
  • Thai Airways and many other airlines offer online check-in. You can from 24h before departure conveniently check from your home, to print the boarding pass and choose if desired the seat again. Advantages: You need to be at the counter only 1 hour before departure, not to stand in line (often an Airbus A380 with a corresponding number of passengers …) and can leave your luggage right at the drag & drop / Internet-airport check-in (or the first-class-counter) and get the direct printed boarding pass. This is a very relaxing invention prior to departure!
  • The luggage can be checked through to the final destination Chiang Mai CNX! It saves in Bangkok the way through the large passport control (40 lines with corresponding queues …). About halfway before continuing to passport control, follow the white note-signs: “Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket, …” (connecting flights to Chiang Mai).
  • While airborne you receive an entry / exit card. In the field: address, please write “Belle Villa Resort”. The departure card is clipped into your passport and removed when leaving again.
  • If during the trip somewhere you need need to call me: My phone number is: 081 0206777. The
  • Our driver will pick you up at the airport in Chiang Mai! Please pay attention to the “Thailand Project” sign, which he holds up for you.

For further connection-holidays we have, if required, a nice excursion offer:

  • Half-day nature trip to the mountain, Doi Suthep (1680 m high)
  • 2-day trip to the ‘Golden Triangle’, to the borders of Laos and Burma.
  • Hot Springs Chiang Mai
  • Doi Inthanon
  • Elephant Camp
  • Sunday stroll through the pretty art market ‘Sunday day-market’
  • The artists’ village of Ban Tawai and more.

Due to recent events, again the hint: Please, ONLY FOR EMERGENCY, bring the debit card or credit card (if the souvenir purchases BECOME greater than planned ;-). We are in the jungle, a good 30-minute drive from the city. There is no bank or ATM! Who would organise an expensive shuttle service daily to ATMs with daily limits and high fees to withdraw cash, would therefore lose a great deal of time. Thailand is fortunately still an absolute cash country.

 Now the seminar:
  • It begins on January 17 2019 at 9:00 am and ends on January 23 with a graduation ceremony, a dinner at 18.30 and a closing ceremony.
  • Breakfast is served from 7.00 am. Lunch at 12:00, coffee / tea break at 15.30 is served in the seminar place and dinner, at 18.00, in different restaurants to show you the variety of Thai cuisine. Between meals there are 3 workshops.
  • During the seminar week, as everyone knows, 4 massages of 1 hour each are included in the seminar fee. They serve to relax, activate both hemispheres of the brain and thus supports consciousness. As experience has shown that the participants would like to use this offer daily already during the first massage, this should be possible. The low prices only apply within the Thailand Project, of course also before and after the seminar week. In Thailand, however, it is customary to express your appreciation in the form of a tip. This is not in proportion to this offer, of course, but here too a tip of 50 Baht would be appropriate, which every masseuse is happy about immediately after the massage. Massages do not need to be booked in advance. We do this very relaxed here on the spot.
  • On the 5th day of the seminar we invite you on a short journey to beautiful power places in Northern Thailand, where we enjoy and deepen the knowledge gained. We stay 2 nights outside Chiang Mai.

We wish you much joy towards your exciting, relaxing and exceptional seminar desire.

With kind regards,

Carola Sarrasin and the entire TP Team
Thailand Project Welcome