TP1 description

7 Day Practice Seminar

Harmony of Creation – The School of Eternal Life

Grigori Grabovoi’s teaching on the harmonization and rescue of this world. The expansion of your own consciousness to a high level, to restore yourself, to also help other people to consciously and creatively create all life events, to brighten past events in order to create a stable future for oneself, one’s environment and all people. TP1– It’s your life. Take it back!

Why to visit this seminar? 

What self taught by books, is often difficult, slow and connected with many (unanswered) questions, is presented here in only 7 days practical, simple and fast.
The only path to healing is our consciousness. If we manage to ‘think faster’ than the ‘speed’ of a problem, by overtaking it, then we have overwhelmed it. This refers to any unfavourable life situation that we can change for the better by ‘thinking differently and faster’. Often it is so simple that we do not think it is possible, but then the ‘stubbornness’ of accustomed thinking hinders. The good news: this is pretty much the only inhibitor (we also call him logical mind) who is too slow to overtake a disease or other problems – because he is not even there for it! It is enough for logic to recognize a problem. We find the speed of solution in other areas of consciousness. That’s what we learn to do.

What the TP1 seminar covers:
  • Objectives of this seminar
  • The importance of maintaining our health and the harmonious design of our life events
  • Connections about the structure of the world, one’s own body, spirit, soul and Creator
  • Significance of DNA and how we change it
  • Soul, spirit, body, consciousness, intellectual mind, perception
  • The Macro Control: it’s Significance and Implementation
  • The term LOVE and the power of practical implementation
  • The Cleaning of your own Past at high Soul Level
  • Changing of Past Events
  • Stepping out of unwished Foreign Events – Influence of collective consciousness
  • Regulation of the Spine
  • Important protection techniques
  • The energy of life: E=VS and other formulas in practical everyday life
  • The area in which we create reality
  • Solving critical situations and answers on questions
  • Norming of Health and Control of Events using Geometric Shapes
  • The Restoration of Health using Numeric Codes
  • Concentrations and Number Codes for each Calendar Day
  • Your own Birth Date as a Number Code
  • Rejuvenation
  • Organ Regeneration, Tooth Regeneration
  • Opening of the codon with the information about the true consciousness
  • The Energetic Cleansing of Rooms and other practical methods for everyday use

Each participant receives a detailed seminar script

The above list is a small excerpt from the 7 day TP1 content which is complemented with updated results and application methods by ongoing translation work. These techniques build the base for TP2.

Seminar Structure:

The first day is the introduction and the theoretical teaching of the course content; the research results of the scientists, and the methods by which we achieve these results.

The following 6 days consist of workshops in which each individual method is explained in detail, practiced and implemented under guidance. Each day includes three workshops in which the participants first individually control their personal goals and during the week also in small groups. Beautiful, quiet places in the middle of nature support the practical implementation, including a relaxing massage! Great control successes are often achieved just in the middle of a relaxing massage. The workshops are separated by lunch and coffee/tea breaks, where all participants meet again.

 It is all about both the physical restoration of one’s own body and the harmonisation of the interrelations between man and his environment, because disharmonious situations, unresolved conflicts, whether in the family, at work, with neighbours, etc. have an effect on the body! These situations affect the body sooner or later if you don’t know how to avoid this. Through the practical application of mental techniques, our consciousness, perception and extrasensory abilities develop and structure themselves.

For more information about the seminar content, construction or the approach please Email your questions.


฿ 60,000 Thai Baht– same contribution also for the TP2 seminar
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Plus air fare (please book independently, but we like to help and give tips)

Contribution can also be paid in several Crypto Currencies

Included in the contribution is:

  • 7 days, 7 nights / full board
  • For each seminar day – 3 meals, green juice (from our own garden), 1 coffee / tea, as well as tropical fruits and energised water
  • Welcome Dinner, the evening before the seminar begins
  • Airport Transfers
  • Shuttles to and from the seminar / restaurants
  • Free WIFI Internet
  • 4 traditional massages of 1 hr each:
    • 1 Herbal, 1 Head & Foot, 1 Traditional Thai, 1 Aroma
  • … and more surprises

We will reserve a nice room for you – without single room surcharge. Each additional vacation day costs 1,400 Baht including breakfast. The Thailand Project receives special prices for the participants, which is why we offer the entire stay as a “package”.

A possible follow-up holiday week for 9,800 THB includes accommodation and breakfast. It can be split, extended or shortened in a few days before and after or as desired. The entire infrastructure is available at all times. Relaxing massages can also be enjoyed outside the seminar week.


Extend your vacation with a few days before and after the seminar. All facilities are continuously available.

Additional excursions will be offered and the airport shuttle for the return trip is included.

To complete the Thailand experience, we offer all seminar participants extra vacation days. We offer a rich excursion program at affordable prices. For example,

  • a 2-day trip to the mythical Golden Triangle on the borders of Laos, Burma and Thailand on 22nd/23rd July.
  • a short trip to one of the magical temples on one of the highest mountains in Thailand, the Doi Suthep, located at 1600m which has a wonderful view across Chiang Mai on 13th of July at 10.00 am.

If you like, you can deepen the knowledge gained by simply relaxing and practicing at the pool.

With this extension offer, we want to provide an optimum comfort, flexibility and individuality.

For your entire stay, even in the supplementary relaxation week, we are accessible for help and advice.