TP-Herbal Seminar


Premiere: 6-12 December 2018 in Chiang Mai.

Welcome to the mysterious, endless world of a healing nature, in which the permanent interaction with us humans exists. Traditionally proven knowledge about the manifold effects of permanently existing healing herbs, e.g. on increasingly frequent eye diseases. From natural growth (and harvesting) in the jungle, through your own cultivation (sowing, harvesting time) to processing and practical application in life, the 7 days are filled with an exciting range of ancient, ultra-modern knowledge and its direct rejuvenating, tasty and healing influence on body, spirit, soul and consciousness.

Where do so many diseases come from? Why didn’t they exist before and how do the eternal treasures of nature affect any modern physical impairment, no matter how new? The herbal practice seminar provides a broad insight into the profound internal and external application of Thai herbal medicine. From detoxification via the eyes with self-made herbal eye mask to special cooking courses in which we prepare our lunch as well as various delicious teas under instruction, to rejuvenating face masks and massages with before and after photos. All the herbs used are also available for later use at home. Theory and practice is presented by 5-6 herbalists in a relaxing feel-good atmosphere in the midst of evergreen nature.

With the certificate of the Association of Traditional Herbal Physicians, the participant is able to apply this outstanding knowledge to himself and to his family.


  • The exciting history of healing herbs (Powerpoint presentation)
  • List of success: Comparison of conventional medicine with the knowledge of healing herbs.
  • What can we do with herbs? The simple application in everyday life – from cleaning via toothpaste to healing.
  • Herbal Eye Therapy: Improving Vision.
  • Herbal inhalation through the nose – advantages and formula.
  • Production of the yellow herbal oil – secrets and range of application.
  • Basic herbal therapies (colds, fever, etc.)
  • Production of herbal stamps
  • Herbal massage (Office syndrome)
  • Excursion to the herbal market
  • Cooking class with herbs
  • Excursion Botanical Garden
  • Herbal Steam Therapy
  • Massage of the healing points of the body
  • Herbal face mask (preparation and application)
  • Herbal clay package for grounding of the human being
  • and other practical methods for everyday life

…and surprises

Each participant receives a detailed seminar script and a “herbal treasure box” for the continuation at home.

Seminar structure:

A professional team of doctors from the Association of Traditional Herbal Physicians will guide us through this exciting seminar – into the amazing world of natural herbs. We travel to different places, visit beautiful herb gardens, learn and practice locally. The monks of a temple have specialized in drug withdrawal with exclusively natural healing herbs, whereby the entire village environment supports this successful concept with cultivation and various aids. For further information about the seminar content, structure or concept please ask here.


฿ 74.700 (Thai Baht / THB)

for the weekly seminar per person, plus flight (please book independently, but we will be happy to help and give you tips).
You can get a current value of your contribution at ‘’.

The seminar fee includes:

  • 7 days, 7 nights / full board
  • 3 meals, coffee/tea break daily, tropical fruits and energized water
  • airport shuttle
  • Shuttle to the different seminar locations
  • Free access to the Internet
  • All items listed in the content
  • And a few more surprises…

No single room surcharge!

We reserve you a nice room in one of our pretty resorts – all with swimming pool. Each additional day of vacation costs 1,400 Baht including breakfast. The Thailand project is offered special prices for the participants in the offered resorts, which is why we offer the whole stay as a “package”.

A possible follow-up holiday week for 9,800 THB includes accommodation and breakfast. It can be split, extended or shortened in a few days before and after or as desired. The daily price is 1.400 THB. The entire infrastructure is available from arrival to departure. A nice excursion program and relaxing additional massages can be booked comfortably here on site. Also not included in the seminar fee are tips, which form part of the existence and also the appreciation of the comparatively very low income of the population. An additional 2,000 Baht could be calculated for the whole week with about 60 locals involved.

The long preparation time of this innovative TP herbal seminar was a great pleasure for all of us. The Thailand Project team and the professional herbalists are now looking forward to welcoming you!