In Thailand / Chiang Mai from October 18 to November 11, 2018

A very special opportunity
The complete professional training as a worldwide certified, licensed, recognized Medical Thai Masseur
In an intensive monthly training in English language
acquire a lifetime qualification –
an eternal professional perspective.

The Spirit connects.
Health, well-being, joy and a constant flow of energy enable the soul to develop in the human body.
Thailand Project is taking this holistic approach and offering a comprehensive, internationally certified and lifetime licensed training course:
Traditional Thai Medical Massage

The training spaces are limited to a maximum of 20 participants with 5 licensed trainers, 2 anatomy experts and 3 interpreters.

Anatomical, medical knowledge is not necessary, but of course does not harm;-) Everything worth knowing, also much guarded, hidden secret knowledge is explained very understandably in theory and practice and put into practice. The result is a complete profession that has a highly cultural tradition in Asia in the field of holistic health keeping and becoming healthy. Wholeness encompasses soul, spirit, consciousness, body and Creator. All 5 structures are located in our body, whereby the spirit creates the connections,  the relationships and the matter.

The license entitles the holder to operate worldwide. It is not limited to any country, but excludes self-employment of foreigners in Thailand. There is a law in Thailand under which certain professions may only be performed by Thais. This includes the traditional Thai medical masseur.

The cost for this professional training is 99,600 Baht (currently approx. 4,030 AUD, 2,585.- Euro) per person in a double room.

* Certified professional training with a total of 150 hours
* 25 nights including breakfast in a double room, including 3 free Sundays
* Full board on the 22 days of training (lunch, coffee/tea break, dinner)
* Airport Transfer
* Full translation into English
* Training materials (personal book in English)
* International lifetime license, does not have to be renewed annually
* Free internet access in the hotel and in the training centre

For single occupancy in a double room (there are only double rooms) +8000 Bt will be added.  Each additional night including breakfast costs 1.400 Baht for single occupancy and 1.800 Baht for double occupancy – thus 900 Baht per person. The current exchange rate can vary and can be determined with a currency converter, e.g.:

The ingenious author, healer and consciousness researcher, Igor Arepjev, emphasized to us during his first visit to Western Europe the importance of paying respect not only to our mental activity and spiritual growth, but also to our physical body, which is culturally very deeply rooted here in Thailand with the strong connection of spirit and body. Traditional Thai medical massage benefits everyone who wants to take responsibility for their own health and fitness, strives for a holistic field of activity – and of course every client benefits!

Many TP1 and TP2 participants had already expressed the wish for such a training due to their massage experience in the seminar over the years. I am grateful and happy that I was able to integrate this trend-setting jewel so successfully into the Thailand Project.

There are about 10 organizations in Thailand and we have chosen the 1st and largest: “The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society”. Our branch in the Chiang Mai National Park has more than 40 licensed trainers, anatomy experts, including 2 interpreters.

In Europe, this all-round body and mind (psyche) healing massage is sometimes offered by shorter trained Thai people (only 60 hours of training). This is inadmissible and leads to the loss of the license, because this 60-hour training may only be used within a Thai village community! Therefore, please always pay attention to the license, the quality, because only this leads to lasting success.
A film about this special training can be found in the section “TV/Blog”: – with English subtitles as soon as possible.

This professional training, which even Thais can only complete in months because they cannot afford it in such a condensed form, can now be comfortably completed within 30 visa-free days thanks to a sufficient number of trainers and a specially developed concept. It couldn’t be faster or better! The training covers a total of 150 hours, including practice and theory daily.
The pure training duration takes 22 days, whereby the Sundays are work-free, so that also the trainers get a rest day. Here you can take advantage of a nice excursion offer – or simply relax at the swimming pool. The minimum stay in Thailand is 26 days from the day of arrival and the 3 Sundays.
If required, bathing holidays at the sea after the training:

If you would like direct further training in upgrades, you can get an inexpensive extension of 30 days (beyond the 30 visa-free days) for 1,900 Baht on site.
In addition, since 2017 we have been offering the popular “Tok Sen” massage in a 5-day upgrade as well as herbal, foot reflexology and facial massage as recognized, internationally certified training courses. A new upgrade for the increased back problems with the simultaneous elimination of 16 diseases takes 2 weeks of training and is immediately included in the programme with a minimum number of 5 participants. The trainers have made their preparations. The upgrade offer can be found here at the end.

“Tok Sen” Massage Course
Who once had the luck to experience with Khun tiger in Pai the high-frequent ‘ wood knock massage’ and this gladly learn wanted, has now the opportunity in addition: likewise internationally certified and world-wide licensed. Immediately after the Thai Massage course (with 3 days of vacation in between), one of the world’s few trainers of the “Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society” teaches in a 5-day course this healing, 800-year-old, in Thailand considered sacred, extremely lucrative massage art. Such a massage has here as well as worldwide 3 times the price.
Training fee incl. certificate and licence (without accommodation): 15.000 THB (607 AUD, ca. 380,-€)

For this also highly professional training, especially with regard to the specific energy pathways of the body, as well as for all other’upgrade possibilities’, the 150-hour course in medical Thai massage is the basis. Upgrades can be booked and completed independently, also any time later.


All training offers and upgrades at a glance:
2. Assistant of Thai Traditional Medicine (330 Hours)
3. Thai Massage (60 Hours); Village only!
4. Thai Massage (150 Hours); worldwide
5. Thai Massage (372 Hours)
6. Reflexology Course ( 60 Hours)
7. Aromatherapy Massage (60 Hours)
8. Body Scrub (30 Hours)
9. Thai Spa (150 Hours); pat line with oil
10. Hot Stone (60 Hours)
11. Guasha; Strong scratch massage
12. Thai Massage (60 Hours) Balancing Blood Circulation and Lymphatic System
13. Sport (60 Hours); Quick pat with oil
14. Thai Massage Physical Body Balancing Massage (150 Hours)
15. Facial Massage (30 Hours); massage with press
17. Thai Massage Remedy; Solve 16 disease 372
18. Beauty Care After Childbirth (60 Hours)
19. Vitalization Acupressure Massage (60 Hours) ; massage the same position acupuncture
20. Facial Care and Treatment (30 Hours); there are problem in the face
21. Thai Massage Spinal setting (5-6 month); need 2 more experience
22. Body Spa (60 Hours)
23. Thai Herbal Compress (60 Hours)
24. Cellulite
25. Swedish
26. Shiatsu
27. Thai Massage Tok-Sen (60 Hours)
28. Arokaya Hand Healing