E=VS Grabovoi Retreat 2020, February 17-23

​​​​​​An Enlightening Journey for all Consciousness Explorers and Advanced Souls who have studied RCK or TP1. The new dates for 2020 are set and the hotel rooms are pre booked.

Your registration can also be done directly at Carola.

Join Marion Mace-Power
Brian Power, Hannes Steiner
IT’S TIME TO FIND YOU. Harness Your Vision, Unleash Your Inner Power, Creating from a Place of  Harmony with Guidance and Connection to Your Soul.
Grigori Grabovoi’s teaching about Soul describes the theory of understanding, but what if you could experienced what it’s like to be aligned and know yourself as Soul?
The veils are dissolving and our consciousness is becoming aware of higher realms of existence and of the holographic universe we live in. We are stepping out of the enslavement programs and into territory you may not be aware of or understand how to navigate. When you understand that our reality is coded with specific numbers, geometric language that form structures In which we influence by our thinking, then you are accessing the higher dimensions of consciousness.
In this experiential retreat program you will be immerse in the force of co-creation, learning easily how to play like a child with the fabric of time and space. You will discover techniques that will leave you in no doubt just how powerful you are, way beyond what you’ve ever imagined.
Imagine yourself spending a week in the tranquility of the jungle of tropical Chiang Mai Thailand in the beautiful Belle Villa Resort while receiving powerful information from three of the most experienced teachers in the consciousness technologies space.
Then join us as we Crack the Code to Your Soul during  our  ‘PATH OF SOUL RETREAT’ in Chiang Mai.
This retreat is limited to just 16 people and we only have limited spaces left!
You will learn to mastering life using Creator Knowledge technologies:
  • DIscover how to course correct using the power of your consciousness.
  • Access your hidden rule book and re-align with your values.
  • Align yourself with your heart-brain 
  • Access deeper states of intuition the language of your Soul.
  • Unleash your power and become extra-ordinary.
  • Find the ultimate platform to birth your desires and fulfil your legacy.
  • Apply these techniques for core healing from the inside out.
  • Harmonise relationships especially your relationship with you.
  • Discover what it takes to attract more abundance into your life.
  • 7-Day Path of the Soul seminar program with Brian, Marion and Hannes
  • Private mentoring available with Brian, Hannes or Marion
  • 7 night accomodation at Belle Villa Resort.
  • All meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • 4 massages (with the option for more)
  • Consultation with the Thai herbal doctors (herbal remedies recommended are not included).
  • All Airport transfers 
TOTAL VALUE $7374  Only $2555
Your heart will know right away, but your head may want to know more – Find out more NOW –www.eequalsvs.com.au/retreats  or contact http://info@eequalsvs.com.au
Words are hard to find for what we experienced in this Retreat. I’ve never experienced such love and connection between a group before’.  Thanks you Marion, Brian and Hannes for an incredible immersion into my heart.” – CHRISTINA. (Australia)
“ I joined the retreat to practice controls. I did not know what fabulous experiences were awaiting us all. The learning was profound and effortless at the same time. Our hearts were releasing old patterns and opening in an atmosphere of love and support. There was so much love and unity within the group that we all felt totally secure to be truly ourselves. The way of connecting to one’s Soul was the most essential aspect of teaching for me. It is hard to describe how I and other members of the group felt. I came back home a different person. My friend who sees auras said my aura was huge. I actually felt lighter with some space around me and so happy. – VANDANA (United Kingdom)

I just want to say a heart felt thank you.I heard the call to meet with soulmates and really wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for the adventure but my heart said yes, and the finance seemed immaterial. I was not disappointed! One of my objectives was to allow the RCK knowledge to drop more deeply into my consciousness and even though this is hard to describe, this has happened. Your guidance to connect to ourselves more consciously has put a valuable new daily structure into my day and I, in turn, feel called to honour this connection in a way I have never done before. This retreat has had a massive and beautiful impact on my life and now I can only go forward more consciously and empowered to live life in alignment with my true purpose. – WENDY (United Kingdom)

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