Melbourne AU Transformation

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10.11.2018 – 12.11.2018 all-day
E=VS Grabovoi Center
139 Main Rd
Lower Plenty VIC 3093
AUD 1197
Marion Mace and Brian Power
+61499108242 +613943508344


TRANSFORMATION  2  or 3-Day Practical Seminar 

We’re in the time the ancients called the ‘Great awakening’
The guidance has been to develop a new heart culture, one that changes reality as we know it.
And this is what happens when Spirituality meets Science…Transformation.
Russian Creator Knowledge uses Dr. Grigori Grabovoi’s technologies of creation, to open the gateway to the heart.
This enables you to use your Soul’s divine gifts to harmonise and materialise more joy in your reality.
  • ​You will experience expansion of your ​consciousness.
  • ​Activate your soul coding and healing technologies.
  • Release the ego and dark matrix duality.
  • Live from a new quantum heart perspective.  

MELBOURNE Transformation Seminar                                                                                                                                                          

2018 NOVEMBER:  2-Day Seminar 10th & 11th – $674 or

                                 3-Day Seminar 10th, 11th & 12th – $1197

 3-Day Early bird Special BOOK $997 by 12/10/18

Regular 3 days Seminar $1197 Includes seminar, morning and afternoon tea plus a comprehensive manual.



Time: 10am – 5.30pm.  Venue: E=VS Training Centre Upstairs Rear,  Main Road, Lower Plenty VICTORIA

DIRECT TRANSFER  –  E=VS Pty Ltd   BSB: 193-879  ACCT: 430682857 Bank of Melbourne   Swift Code: SGBLAU2S

( 2 and 3 – day Seminar Structure: Each participant will receive a detailed seminar manual)

We have all sought tools to make extraordinary changes in our life that can transform and catapult us into a level of mastery. But what’s more important is the ATTITUDE we adopt in applying these tools. ATTITUDE and BELIEF will determine your level of success with RCK.

Transformation start Day 1. You will learn the Basic Principles of the technology. It gives you all the power and tools to make changes at a very deep level – especially important for any healing process. You will learn that everything is information, and that because this is a consciousness then technology you do not need any equipment. This is a life skill that you are taught to apply in an intelligent and inspiring way.

During Day 2 you will continue to practice with these experiential tools to reinforce the power to change your life and unlock you creativity. We will introduce Number Series, the language of light (of your soul and the Universe) to accelerate your ability to evolve beyond false beliefs of who you are and what is possible for you. You will do this without trying to analyse or fathom how to change your life to get what you want.

By Day 3 you will be poised to take back control of your life and change your density. You will be more confident, and re-awakening the creative powers which tap potential in all areas of your life- health, prosperity, your contribution, etc., You will learn: how to regulate your spine and transform painful impairment: to regenerate diseased organs and teeth; and much more.

SEMINAR  SUMMARY  Harmony of Creation, The School of Eternal Life for the Re-Awakening of Creator Knowledge.

What Day 1 and 2 Transformation seminar covers:

    • Objectives of this seminar
    • The importance of maintaining our health and the harmonious design of our life events
    • Connections about the structure of the world, one’s own body, spirit, soul and Creator
    • Significance of DNA and how we change it
    • Soul, spirit, body, consciousness, intellectual mind, perception
    • The Macro Control: it’s Significance and Implementation
    • The Attainment of your Sphere With Living Matter
    • The Cleaning of your own Past at high Soul Level
    • Changing of Past Events
    • Stepping out of Foreign Events – Influence of collective consciousness
    • The Shield of Life and other important protection techniques
    • The Formula for The Energy of Life: E=VS
    • Solving critical situations and answers on questions using the Informative Center
    • Norming of Health and Control of Events using Geometric Shapes
    • The Restoration of Health using Numeric Codes
    • Concentrations and Number Codes for each Calendar Day
    • Your own Birth Date as a Number Code
    • Rejuvenation

What Day 3 Day- Transformation seminar covers:

    • Organ Regeneration, Tooth Regeneration
    • The Field of Creating Reality
    • Regulation of the Spine
    • The Copper Matrix: Energy refill of the body
    • The Energetic Cleansing of Rooms and other practical methods for everyday use

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