June 2015

Do you remember the dangerous situation last year (2014) which was designed to push Russia and Europe into a new world war?

The plans and actions of these light-poor forces were recognised and hindered by we humans, but no enduring peace is yet created. All humans must bring this about by concentrating on it. Everybody should participate while we also support our fellow humans in their consciousness raising and stand together helpfully by the side of each other.

Humankind still stands at the threshold of catastrophic global events, each war is a catastrophe. To effectively use time means CONCENTRATION now, to be spiritually active, to CONTROL! Indeed, to actively control until we have all the threatening, destructive events under control, to transform them instantly.

For this Grigori Grabovoi gives us a very strong control. Please also pass it on to your friends and acquaintances.

In Switzerland, beginning of June (2015), from Nadezhda Koroleva, we received the method “Index(i)” in a strong shortened form so that we can help the whole world. A spiritual technique with which we can control all events, including political, in such a way that we bring the development of each situation into balance, and keep it under control.

We assign to Index(i) a number between 1 and 100, according to our own perception – i.e. Index(i) 90. By inserting this self-defined number we bring a massive amount of information into motion.

Let’s take the Ukraine as an example. Via the news, we have heard that there is war. We want to NORM the situation with the help of index(i) and a defined number. We assign the number, let’s say “98”, to Index(i) and define the objective: “Index(i) 98. There is no war. There is peace in the Ukraine.” (We formulate the objective in such a way that the trigger/cause of the war will be converted).

We watch Index(i) with our chosen number and concentrate on our objective:

There is no war. There is peace in the Ukraine.

Materialisation in front of the background of the Creator’s soul.

With this control we smooth local and global events at the same time. Directly in the Ukraine (local) there is a high number of individual victims and many countries of Europe suffer economic losses due to sanctions (global).

Because Grigori Grabovoi has already created the structure of Macro Rescue filled with all Macro Rescue information, it is enough for us to do the control in the described way, and only to touch an element of the Macros Rescue with our consciousness to convert the information on the macro level. With the formulation of a specific thought (objective), we do it.

Further examples for clarification:

In a smaller scale we take index(i) for the harmonisation of a situation, whether interpersonal situations, in the family, in working life, wherever we want to harmonise something, we observe the events, assign our own defined number, in these cases between 1 and 10, and formulate the objective, “The situation is in the NORM”.

We make the effort to feel how the situation is changing in relation to the information and we receive answers in the form of events which soon display themselves. It is the result of our work. The situation NORMs itself.

With controls in such a local micro-frame, Nadezhda recommends to choose smaller numbers (from 1 to maximum 10), which activate the spiritual structures for harmonisation. For Macro Controls for global situations, Grigori Grabovoi says we can assign any number from 1 to 100.

In this way we can harmonise past and present events, and thereby construct an enduring harmonious future.

It is not an intrusion in political events, but is a balancing of certain information with other, in this case negative, information with positive information. The method is entirely harmless and we can easily teach it to other humans.

This technique is suitable for preventive application with which for example there will not be assaults on or accidents in atomic power plants. Also of course for past catastrophic explosions – Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl or Fukushima. With the work on these events we establish a firm present and a secure future, because we create our events from the light of the past events. If those have not been so lightened and admirable, we must lighten them, indeed NOW, in the present, each moment, and not just tomorrow. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

The Bulgarian clairvoyant Baba Wanga saw the future many years ago and we are now observers of her prophecies. For Europe she saw an awful future, which is why especially we should make preventive controls for Europe.

Each event is transformable!

We assign any number to Index(i) and insert the thought, “Norm of events, there is no war!”

Should negative pictures appear then we assign a higher number to Index(i) for the lightening of the displayed images, with the respective formulation, e.g.

Index(i)    {Picture of riots} 99    =>    “Riots will not be provoked. There are no riots.” The choice of number depends on your perception.

We can make such controls at any time at any place, whenever we perceive a disharmonious situation. Collective group controls are also very effective. The method functions swiftly wherewith in a short time we can harmonise many specific events with Index(i) and a self-defined number.