Harmony of Creation – The School of Eternal Life

How the human realizes his potential and becomes aware of the Creator.

How to find your own creator potential and begin to re-create your own life.
Research results and methods for practical and personal use from Russian institutes and schools.

The Knowledge for the Rescue and Harmonious Development of this civilisation, the expansion of human consciousness at the highest frequency level – at Creator level

7 Day Practice Seminars in English


The main question we are asked is –
“Why should I participate? What can I do for myself with this Knowledge?”
You can do so much. For an example read Maxwell’s personal story.

TP1– It’s your life. Take it back!

What the full TP1 seminar covers:
  • The Structure of Soul
  • Explanation of Keywords
  • The Macro Control: it’s Significance and Implementation
  • The Attainment of your Sphere With Living Matter
  • The Cleaning of your own Past at Soul Level
  • Changing of Past Events
  • Stepping out of Foreign Events
  • Regulation of the Spine
  • The Shield of Life
  • The Formula for The Energy of Life
  • The Field of Creating Information
  • Solving Situations and Questions using the Informative Center
  • Norming of Health and Control of Events using Geometric Shapes
  • The Restoration of Health using Numeric Codes
  • Concentrations and Number Codes for each Calendar Day
  • Your own Birth Date as a Number Code
  • Rejuvenation
  • Organ Regeneration, Tooth Regeneration
  • The Energetic Cleansing of Rooms and other practical methods for everyday use

… and much more

The above list is a small excerpt from the seminar content which is complemented with updated results and application methods with ongoing translation work.

Seminar Structure:

The first day is the introduction and the theoretical teaching of the course content; the research results of the scientists, and the methods by which we achieve these results.

The following days consist of workshops in which each method is exactly explained with training, and will be applied in practice under guidance.

Each day includes three workshops; participants are divided into small groups to implement practice to the various methods in beautiful natural surroundings. The workshops are divided by lunch and and a coffee/tea break, where all the participants join together again. It’s not only about the physical recovery of the body, but in particular to harmonize the interaction between mankind and his environment. We develop individual energetic and extrasensory abilities by accessing and using this information via key words and soul resonance.

For more information about the seminar content, construction or the approach please Email your questions (in English).

7 Day Practice Seminars, TP1 and TP2

฿55,000 Thai Baht (seminar, accommodation, and all meals for 7 days)

Extra accommodation (from 1600 per night per room), breakfast included

Plus air fare (please book independently, but we like to help and give tips)

Approximate value: EUR GBP AUD JPY SGD MYR HKD Other

This small seminar contribution is to be understood as a donation. It covers the expenses and is consistent with the objective of the seminar, effective sharing of knowledge and resources.

Included in the contribution is:

  • Airport Transfers
  • Welcome Dinner, the evening before the seminar begins
  • For each seminar day – 3 meals, 2 green juice (from our own garden), 1 coffee / tea, as well as tropical fruits and energised water
  • Hotel and Restaurant shuttles to and from the seminar
  • Free WIFI Internet
  • 4 traditional massages of 1 hr each:
    • 1 Herbal, 1 Head & Foot, 1 Traditional Thai, 1 Aroma
  • … and many more surprises

Extend your vacation with a few days before and after the seminar. All facilities are continuously available.

Additional excursions will be offered and the airport shuttle for the return trip is included.

To complete the Thailand experience, we offer all seminar participants extra vacation days. We offer a rich excursion program at affordable prices. For example,

  • a 2-day trip to the mythical Golden Triangle on the borders of Laos, Burma and Thailand
  • a short trip to one of the magical temples on one of the highest mountains in Thailand, the Doi Suthep, located at 1600m which has a wonderful view across Chiang Mai.

If you like, you can deepen the knowledge gained by simply relaxing and practicing at the pool.

With this extension offer, we want to provide all seminar participants optimum comfort, flexibility and individuality.

For your entire stay, even in the supplementary relaxation week, we are accessible for help and advice.

Phone Possibilities, for Home and Local calls
  • Phone Chip / Sim Card:
    Each participant on arrival can collect a free Thai phone chip, in the airport inside Baggage Claim area. This includes a mini-credit with which you can contact us, as well as the ability to conveniently and cheaply make calls to your loved ones at home. Desired additional top-ups can be arranged at any time through our office.
  • Important: To avoid excessive international roaming charges please bring an unlocked cell phone!