TP Massage ED


You, or a friend, or daughter, or son, can become a –
Certified World-Wide Fully Licensed professional Thai Massage Masseur
and acquire a skill to retain for a lifetime.

Dear conscious fellows,

Health, wellbeing, joy, strength and constant flow of energy allow the soul to develop in our human body.

Your TP seminar was already some time ago and we would love to see you again ☺
Thailand Project is treading new paths in addition to our Grabovoi seminars, making the dream of many ‘TP’ participants finally coming true.

Reservations for the first training in “Traditional Medical Thai Massage” are open now. The training courses are limited to maximum 20 students due to the number of licensed trainers. Therefore, the order of registration decides: LINK

The next comprehensive, certified and licensed training program runs from

October 18 to November 11, 2017

No anatomical or medical experience is necessary, but also does not hurt of course. Everything worth knowing is explained clearly in theory and practice, physically applied and implemented in practice. The result is a new profession in the field of holistic health, which in Asia has a long tradition. The totality includes the soul, the spirit, the consciousness, the body and the Creator. All 5 structures represent the human personality and are present in our body. Spirit creates the connections and relationships.

Use this compiled opportunity to learn a complete profession in 26 visa-free days, which even for Thais takes many months!

The granted license allows global operations, except in Thailand. Here exists a law by which some professions can be exercised only by Thais. This also includes the Traditional Medical Thai Massage – but the world is big.

The total contribution is 64,600 THB (Thai Baht) and includes:
  • Certified training with 150 hours (everything less than a 150 hours is not a complete education)
  • 26 nights with breakfast in a double room – single occupancy: +13500 THB
  • Full board at the 22 training days (breakfast, lunch, coffee / tea break, dinner)
  • Airport transfer
  • Interpreters Thai-English (English-German – I’m doing;)
  • Training material (personal massage ED book)
  • Certificate & Lifetime License (Lifetime!), Does not have to be renewed annually.

The exchange rate can be observed with a converter, e.g.:

Please look at it as an introductory offer! Each provider has made extreme efforts to finally call this dreamed and desired event into life. To keep the contribution for further training courses in 2017 – as we desire – therefore depends on your use of this offer.

Michael Vogt of “Freethinker.TV” ( created a beautiful film about this particular training: => English version is coming!

The big healer, Igor Arepjev, emphasized to us in December in Linz the importance, to give by our mental activity and spiritual growth also the respect to our physical body, which in Thailand is anchored with the connection of spirit and body culturally very deeply. The Traditional Medical Thai Massage benefits everybody who wants to take responsibility for his own health and fitness, who seeks an exciting new field of activity – and of course also benefits the others.

There are 10 organizations in Thailand and we decided in the cooperation for the 1st and largest:
“The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society”
which ideally maintains a branch in our evergreen ‘Samoeng National Park’, near Chiang Mai. The branch has 8 licensed trainers, including 2 interpreters. Our massage manager, Pim, has also successfully completed her instructor training in Bangkok and is now in the training team.

Many TP1 and TP2 participants had already expressed a desire for such training due to their massage experiences in the seminar over the years.
In Europe, this all-round body and mind (psyche) healing massage, mainly done by Thais, cost up to 60 Euros per 45 minutes massage. Therefore our TP participants valued and particularly enjoyed 4x 60-minute massages included in our seminar.

This solid education, we can now offer to you, due to sufficient number of trainers and a specially developed concept, to complete comfortably within 30 visa-free days. Faster and better it is not possible!

Training includes a total of 150 hours, with daily practice and theory.
The pure training takes 22 days – each Sunday is a day off, so that the coaches can stay upright ☺

On Sundays a nice trip offer can be taken – or just a day in the swimming pool. The minimum stay in Thailand with the arrival and the 3 Sundays is 26 days and can be extended individually up to 30 visa-free days.
On request, here a 7-day extension is also easy to receive, if there is any need for connecting with seaside holidays, for example, here:

Arrival day is latest October 19, 2017.

Please, if this education offer may not be for you, we like to ask you to forward it to all of your circles. Thank you!

Kind regards from Chiang Mai

Carola Sarrasin