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Carola Sarrasin
Carola Sarrasin

Carola is the initiator of the ’Thailand Project’. After working 30 years at German Television in Hamburg, the last 17 years as director of news and news shows, I felt the need for a new challenge and first moved to Jan van Helsing Internet Channel: Secret.TV

Even though I became deeply attached to Jan and met many interesting talk show guests, including Sepp Holzer, I could not resist to travel – to Southeast Asia.

Here in Thailand I found the challenge I was looking for, which seems like the realization of my life plan: To harmonize the health of the people with a dream-team in the Garden of Eden. This is way and purpose of life combined.

Behind our small team there is also a very big team that supports us in word and deed. The resort owners, their general managers, all the employees, many friends, acquaintances and relatives are helpful and stand by our side in any situation. Hereby I would like to express my high appreciation to everybody. An infrastructure we wish could not be better! All this harmonizes with the new knowledge and the New Age! WE LIVE IT! WE LOVE LIFE AND OUR FELLOW HUMANS.

Maxwell Stirling
Maxwell Stirling

Maxwell is our seminar presenter for all English language seminars. His extraordinary step into the new Russian knowledge inspires all participants, even those speaking other languages. Due to the abstract creative skills required in his IT career, Maxwell’s right-brain qualities were activated and developed, and through this experience he now brings to you, from Russia with love, the new knowledge for all humankind. His wonderful results first on himself, later on his loved ones, and then with others, shows everybody his skills in practice.

Maxwell’s goal and intention is that you will receive this knowledge through personal experience, (not by intellectual learning), the same experience he and other participants are enjoying. Experience is the only teacher.

His lovable handling of the participants and the whole team brings even more light into the already shining Thailand. The participants carry this and more back into their world.

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